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Contrary to public statements made by anthropologist, Joe Zias, it is perfectly legal to purchase LMLK handles from IAA-licensed dealers in Israel, & have them exported to any country in the world, for the sake of preserving Israel's cultural treasures, & promoting knowledge of the Holy Bible's rich, reliable history:

WARNING:  The first reported counterfeit LMLK handle (a genuine x2x with forged Personal stamp) appeared on the antiquities market in November, 2003.  If you question the authenticity of a LMLK handle in your possession, please report it to the IAA.


David Hendin's AMPHORA COINS

Pharaoh Crypt's eBay Store

The Baidun Family's Gallery

The Barakat Family's Gallery

Zuzim Judaea's Vcoins Gallery

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PLEASE NOTE:  Each of these dealers is responsible for their own business transactions & they all operate independently from LMLK Dotcom.  If you are an antiquities dealer & would like to have a similar page added to market your LMLK artifacts free of charge, send an E-mail to the address shown in the top-left menu of the Research website.

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