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Science writings by G.M. Grena:

Evolution Science:  Defying God by Defining Religion

368-page paperback (403 including preface & index); 8.5" x 5.5"

"Evolution Science" presents a general overview of the Creation/Evolution debate with a small twist:

Rather than exclusively promoting Creationism--the side the author favors, he explains why it can withstand scientific scrutiny & remain a viable choice in the discipline of Historical Science.

He freely admits that conventional/atheistic science makes a valid interpretation of the data, but emphasizes that both positions require faith.

By studying the words "science" & "religion", he shows how evolutionists have simply redefined them to suit their own non-theistic dogma ("the assertion of an opinion"), and suggests that their condemnation of Biblical creationism remains scientifically premature.

And unlike typical creationism books, "Evolution Science" does not douse the reader with a message of Christian salvation or Biblical inerrancy.  Discussions include the WMAP project, SNRs, Sirius, homeostasis, cyanobacteria, DNA, creation myths, planets, our moon, Genesis, abiogenesis, Surtsey, radiometric dating, the Colorado River, Apatosaurus physiology, living fossils, 4-winged snakes, es-Skhul beads, cavemen, ants, exotic wildlife, and Church/State separation.

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Back cover quotes:

"Fortunately, evolution has ensured that the various systems work together."

Biology:  Life On Earth
(6th edition) by Teresa Audesirk, Gerald Audesirk, & Bruce E. Byers.  NJ: Prentice-Hall Inc., 2002, p. 538
  "And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all."

1Corinthians 12:6 (see also "Evolution Science" p. 84)
"It is not known how this early life could have survived the heavy bombardment of the Earth by meteorites that occurred around this time. It is possible that life evolved twice, or was introduced to the Earth by the impacting bodies from space."

Smithsonian Earth
edited by James F. Luhr.  NY: DK Publishing Inc., 2003, p. 27
  "Thou, even thou, art LORD alone; thou hast made Heaven, the Heaven of heavens, with all their host, the Earth, & all things that are therein, the seas, & all that is therein, and thou preservest them all."

Nehemiah 9:6 (see also "Evolution Science" pp. 53-4)
"From the foregoing it is clear that the majority of prosauropods (if not all of them) would have been ill adapted for a carnivorous diet."

The Complete Dinosaur
edited by James O. Farlow & M.K. Brett-Surman.  IN: Indiana University Press, 1997, p. 256
  "And God said ... to every beast of the Earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the Earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so."

Genesis 1:29-30 (see also "Evolution Science" p. 139)
"Charles Darwin [is] renowned for convincingly demonstrating that organic evolution occurred..."

The Primate Fossil Record
edited by Walter C. Hartwig.  NY: Cambridge University Press, 2002, p. 5
  (see also "Evolution Science" pp. 9-376)

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17 Dec 2006:  If you can’t beat them, mock them


Convenience Links

For those of you who already own a copy, here's a list of websites mentioned in the book, plus links to in-print books & journal articles:

CHP 1:  Opening Observations of Objectivity

Yahoo's ANE-2 Message #2290

Yahoo's ANE-2 Message #2300

Talk Origins

Answers in Genesis

"The Interlinear Bible"

"Biology: Life On Earth"

"Smithsonian Earth"

"The Complete Dinosaur"

"The Primate Fossil Record"

CHP 2:  (no links)

CHP 3:  Lexical Losses

Google (Search by exact phrase for updated values; also try pluralizing "actS of...", "lawS of...", & "...catastropheS"--the differences are even greater!!!)

"American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language"

"Compact Oxford English Dictionary of Current English"


CHP 4:  Very Vast Voids

NASA's press release on February 11th, 2003

WMAP's data

Cosmology Statement made 22 May 2004

CHP 5:  Unlimited Universe, Uncertain Underground

Dr. Dino (Kent Hovind & Creation Science Evangelism)

CHP 6:  Starlight Speeds & Stellar Seeds

"A Physical Interpretation of the 'Red Sirius' Anomaly"

CHP 7:  (no links)

CHP 8:  Holy Homeostasis

"The Conquest of Lachish by Sennacherib"

Photonics Spectra

"Monster Tumors Show Scientific Potential in War Against Cancer"

CHP 9:  Tiny & Tremendously Technical

"Stromatolite reef from the Early Archaean era of Australia"

"The Minimal Gene Complement of Mycoplasma genitalium"

"An ordered, nonredundant library of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain PA14 transposon insertion mutants"

GM's hydrogen vehicle technology (note--this is a PDF file, not a web page)

GM's hydrogen vehicle technology (note--this is an animated Flash page)

"The Human Genome:  Quick Facts" per Wellcome Trust

CHP 10:  Wonderful Wow

Mt. Rushmore

CHP 11:  Planned Planet

Babylonian creation myth

Sumerian creation myth

Egyptian creation myths

Greek/Roman creation myth

"The Bhagavad Gita: As It Is"

CHP 12:  Simple Solar System

Dissertatio cum Nuncio Sidereo III (note--this is a PDF file, not a web page)

Nature vol. 441, 1 June 2006, pp. 579, 601-13

CHP 13:  Missionary Moon

NASA's Sun Fact Sheet

NASA's Earth Fact Sheet

NASA's Moon Fact Sheet

CHP 14:  Good, Good, Good, Good, Good, Good

Reasons To Believe

Science News (online archive only goes back to 1996)

"A Plant-Eating Crocodyliform Reptile from the Cretaceous of China" (note--the correct citation is 1995, not 2002; Nature's website is wrong)

CHP 15:  Forcing Faith

Dr. Gene Scott

The ABC's of Faith

"Speech on the Embassy" by Aeschines ("pistei" in Greek; the exact same word used in Romans 3:28)

"Speech on the Embassy" by Aeschines ("honesty" in English; it should've been translated "faithfulness")

"The Root of All Evil?" with Richard Dawkins on Channel 4

CHP 16:  Key Kinds

"A Production of Amino Acids Under Possible Primitive Earth Conditions" (note--this is a PDF file, not a web page)

"Primordial Recipe:  Spark & Stir" (Astrobiology article #461)

"Organic Chemistry"

"Why the Miller-Urey Research Argues Against Abiogenesis"


CHP 17:  (no links)

CHP 18:  (no links)

CHP 19:  No, No, & No

Gerald Schroeder

CHP 20:  Quarry Queries

"Excess Argon within Mineral Concentrates from the New Dacite Lava Dome at Mount St. Helens Volcano"

"Principles of Sedimentology"

Stephen C. Meyers

"Rocks & Fossils of the Geologic Column" for sale

The Surtsey Research Society

National Geographic (online archive only goes back to 1996)

"Geology of Vestmannaeyjar"

CHP 21:  Cemetery Census

LMLK jar handles owned by "Evolution Science" author

T. rex at Black Hills Institute of Geological Research

CHP 22:  Adjustable Ages

"The Geologic Column:  Does It Exist?"

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)



9-16-2004 press release issued by UC Berkeley

"Raising the Bar on Creation Research"

"Radiocarbon Dating" in Science vol. 133 #3453, 3 March 1961, p. 624

"Radiocarbon Dating" in Science vol. 141 #3581, 16 August 1963, pp. 634-7

"Major Carbon-14 Deficiency in Modern Snail Shells from Southern Nevada Springs"

"Measurable 14C in Fossilized Organic Materials:  Confirming the Young Earth Creation-Flood Model"

"Carbonate 14C Background:  Does It Have Multiple Personalities?" (note--this is a PDF file, not a web page)

CHP 23:  Layers, Levels, & Likewise

"Petrified Wood in Days"

GISP2 via American Geophysical Union

Compressed Air magazine

AN3 by Teledyne Isco, Inc. (note--this is a PDF file, not a web page)

"Anything Into Oil"

Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory

"The Earth's Magnetic Field"

CHP 24:  Grand Gap

"The Grand Colorado"

"Secrets in The Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks"

Google Earth

CHP 25:  Defective Dating

"Pragmatism Versus Materialism in Stratigraphy"

Darwin's burial at Westminster Abbey

Pillar candle burning instructions

Pillar candle burn times

CHP 26:  Flood Factor

Discovery Channel


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy per American Cancer Society

"Old & New Geology Meet in Phoenix"

"Guidelines for Review of Oil Field Waste Barge:  General Arrangement, Structures, Lightship, & Stability" (note--this is a PDF file, not a web page)

"Climate-Controlled Holocene Occupation in the Sahara:  Motor of Africa's Evolution"

"Simulation of an Abrupt Change in Saharan Vegetation in the Mid-Holocene"

Cover of Geophysical Research Letters vol. 26 #14, 15 July 1999

NASA press release on March 2nd, 2004

"Catastrophic Erosion of Hellas Basin Rim on Mars Induced by Magmatic Intrusion into Volatile-Rich Rocks"

CHP 27:  Big Blender

"Remote Sensing Tutorial"

"Dinosaur Tracks & Other Fossil Footprints of the Western United States"

"Counting Dinosaurs:  How Many Kinds Were There?" (note--this is a PDF file, not a web page)

CHP 28:  Forgotten Fossils

Yahoo's ANE-2 Message #1495

"The Behavioral & Developmental Physiology of Nematocysts"

CHP 29:  Snaky Seal & Skhul Symbols

Duckbilled brachylophosaurus (at Judith River Dinosaur Institute)

4-winged-serpent jar handle

"Dinosaur Shocker"

Learn Chinese via EuroAsiaSoftware

"First Jewelry?  Old Shell Beads Suggest Early Use of Symbols"

"Middle Paleolithic Shell Beads in Israel & Algeria"

"The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land" (note--p. 298 of "Evolution Science" erroneously omits "New" from the title)

"U-series & ESR Analyses of Bones & Teeth Relating to the Human Burials from Skhul"

"ESR Dates for the Hominid Burial Site of Es Skhul in Israel"

"Thermoluminescence Date for the Mousterian Burial Site of Es-Skhul, Mt. Carmel"

CHP 30:  Castaway Cavemen

"Catagonus, an 'Extinct' Peccary, Alive in Paraguay"

"New Fossils Add Link to the Chain of the Evolution of Humans"

CHP 31:  Crowded Community

Natural History (online archive only goes back to 1996)

"A Critical Evaluation of the Supposed Contemporary Existence of Carcharodon megalodon"

"Mitochondrial DNA & Human Evolution"

"Calibrating the Mitochondrial Clock"

Bio of Ann Gibbons

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

CHP 32:  Exotic Yearning & Zeal

Creation Moments (impressive animals)

Creation Moments (Clark's Nutcracker)

Creation Moments (Bombardier beetle)

Creation Moments (Mantis shrimp)

Creation Moments (Archerfish)

Archerfish via Australian Museum

Creation Moments (Clownfish)

Creation Moments (Anglerfish)

Creation Moments (Lasso spider)

Creation Moments (bees--trick #1)

Creation Moments (bees--trick #2)

CHP 33:  Revoked Rights

Declaration of Independence

Constitution of the United States

Bill of Rights

"Religion & the Founding of the American Republic"

"The Jefferson Bible:  The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth (recent paperback edition)"

Arizona motto (note--this is a PDF file, not a web page)

Colorado motto

Connecticut motto

Florida seal

Kentucky motto

Ohio motto

South Dakota motto

Maryland seal (& all the others inscribed on the Library of Congress)

"The Nazi Master Plan (pp. 1-25)" (note--this is a very large PDF file, not a web page)

"The Nazi Master Plan (pp. 26-50)" (note--this is a very large PDF file, not a web page)

"The Nazi Master Plan (pp. 51-75)" (note--this is a very large PDF file, not a web page)

"The Nazi Master Plan (pp. 76-92)" (note--this is a very large PDF file, not a web page)

CHP 34:  Intelligent Individuals

Polling Report of Science & Nature

Johannes Kepler quotes

"The Private Life of the Late Benjamin Franklin, LL.D."

Joseph Henry quotations

"The Papers of Joseph Henry vol. 8"

"A Scientist in American Life:  Essays & Lectures of Joseph Henry"

"The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise"

"James Prescott Joule & the Concept of Energy"

List of peanut by-products per the Carver Museum

George Washington Carver quotes

"William Shockley" (Time magazine)

"Good Work and Good Works" (Catholic Art Quarterly, Dec. 1959)

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